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Trusted Expertise

Average five years of tenure with the company

When your business operations serve highly regulated, quality-focused markets, every supply chain vendor is as important as your own team and quality system. You have to be able to trust everyone who interacts with your operations because we act as an extension of your organization.

When you partner with Boyle, you can be confident that the transportation professionals engaging with you and your team are among the most elite and highly trained in the industry. Since we only serve life sciences and defense industries, they are highly knowledgeable and experienced in your procedures and the handling of your product.


We are the employer of choice for transportation and logistics professionals, having been named the 2021 and 2020 Best Overall Fleet to Drive For in the U.S. and Canada, and, for ten years in a row, one of the Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For. In 2022, we were inducted into the Best Fleets Hall of Fame. Our philosophy is simple: we invest in great people who, in turn, perform exceptionally well for our valued customers.

Reliable & Accountable

All of our transportation professionals are uniformed employees. We do not use independent contractors or third parties. So you know that the person interacting with you is not only professional, but also a known entity and accountable for everything they do. We are nationally recognized as a leading employer due to our superior compensation, benefits, work conditions, equipment and culture — so our teams are highly dedicated, experienced and reliable.

Employee Demographics
Thirty-seven percent of our professional drivers are women. The majority of our professional drivers are military veterans, and all drivers must have clean motor vehicle records and qualify for U.S. government clearance.

Qualified & Highly Trained

Our professional drivers have an average tenure of five years with the company, and we have an average turnover of only around 15%, versus the industry average of approximately 90%. All of our transportation professionals are screened by us and must qualify for Government security clearance. They also go through continual training involving the latest in computer-based classroom instruction on hazardous materials, company and customer-specific security protocols, operation of custom equipment, defensive driving and emergency response procedures.

Employee Retention
We achieve significant retention of the drivers in our fleet with a turnover rate of 15%, while the industry averages 90% turnover. Our professional drivers average five years of tenure with the company.

Client-Focused Incentives

Our teams are also incentivized to drive safely. Many transportation logistics providers end up inherently incentivizing speed, but we believe this is counterproductive to risk mitigation for clients and puts shipments in jeopardy. So, at Boyle, we make sure that our focus is always directly aligned with the interests of our client. Our people are compensated on the basis of quality, safety and security — not on speed or mileage.

Elite Professional Driver Teams
Each truck is staffed by a team of two professional drivers, which ensures continuous movement and attendance to the loaded vehicle.

Looking for peace of mind when shipping your temperature-sensitive, security-conscious, hazardous or high value materials?

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