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At Boyle Transportation, we believe in providing our clients and our transportation professionals the very best tools and technology for the job. The operator and equipment work in harmony to create optimal safety, security and reliability for every delivery of high-value shipments. We are committed to ensuring our fleet mirrors this mindset of excellence.

We maintain a young fleet of late-model vehicles equipped with the leading safety features, communication capabilities and integrated technology. But that alone is not enough for us. Every vehicle is outfitted with additional safety, data and communications technology. The following are some of the additional features we install:

Video Event Management
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    Events Trigger wireless transmission

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    Continuous improvement, coaching

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    Exoneration from fraudulent claims

Video Event Management

Our vehicles are equipped with cameras capturing video on both sides and forward looking. This system enables us to download recorded video in the event of an incident, and also to coach our transportation professionals toward continuous improvement. Algorithms produce a score based on safe driving habits, and good scores are rewarded through an incentive compensation program.

Automatic Transmission

With no clutch or gearshift, our professional drivers suffer less fatigue and keep both hands on the wheel, which is a significant safety advantage. This technology also enables our staff to monitor speed, and limit it to a maximum 65 mph.


Collision Avoidance System

Our vehicles are equipped with radar-based systems for adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking. This system uses forward radar with an alert system that issues a warning when there is inadequate stopping distance between the vehicle and objects in its path. In the event that the operator does not take action, the vehicle will automatically apply brakes. A side blind spot monitoring sensor also alerts the operator if a vehicle is in the right-side blind spot.


Roll Stability Control

A roll stability control system is integrated with each vehicle’s anti-lock braking system. It alerts the operator in the event it senses a potential rollover. If no action is taken, the system automatically reduces engine power and applies the engine brake (and/or the tractor’s rear service brake) to proactively slow the truck to reduce the risk of it rolling over.



We also equip our trucks with a fender-mounted video camera to eliminate the large blinds spot of a tractor-trailer. A screen is mounted on the dash, providing enhanced visibility to the side of the vehicle. This takes the guesswork out of lane changes and significantly mitigates the chances of an accident.


Lane Departure Warning System

Our lane departure warning system issues a warning if the vehicle is drifting out of its lane without a turn signal. Using image recognition software and algorithms, a computer identifies when the vehicle is beginning to drift out of the lane, and it emits a rumble strip sound via speakers, alerting the operator to correct the vehicle.

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