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As a long-trusted provider in the defense sector and life sciences, Boyle’s exclusive focus is on high-stakes, time- and temperature-sensitive shipments. So there is nothing more central to our culture than safeguarding your product.

Quality Systems & Good Distribution Practices

One thing common to the aerospace and defense and pharmaceutical industries is a long history of the most stringent quality systems and SOP-driven operations you will find anywhere. We have consistently mirrored this since our inception, and we are regularly acknowledged by the defense and pharmaceutical industries for our quality system and overall approach. In addition to routine audits by customers and the Department of Defense, we strictly adhere to Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and have been recognized by the National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) with its Distinguished Service Award.

Our quality management system has been ISO-certified since 1997. Not only do we perform internal audits, but we also undergo regularly scheduled, rigorous quality audits by our pharmaceutical and government clients.

Driven By People

The quality and safety protocols we implement to protect your shipments are driven by people, first and foremost. With the most experienced, highly trained professionals in the business, no transportation logistics provider knows more about the quality requirements of your product and no team is more dedicated to safety.

Net promoter score for 1H2020 (i.e., 97% of customers rated us a 9 or 10 out of 10)

Powered by Technology

Our experience has led us to understand the power of technology in supporting quality performance and safety when transporting high-value or hazardous materials. For this reason, we have continually invested in the best systems, and we enhance these with our own proprietary innovation to optimize safety and security for our clients.

When transporting temperature-controlled shipments, including those containing highly sensitive biopharmaceuticals, our cold chain solutions ensure your materials remain within the strict temperature parameters required throughout the entire journey.

These technologies support our rigorous standards for secure cold chain and validated temperature control and include:

  • Temperature-controlled trailers, with calibration and thermal mapping processes conducted at regularly scheduled intervals
  • Trailers outfitted with strategically located operating sensors and probes for redundancy and end-to-end visibility of temperature and stability data
  • Temperature probes and sensors consistently tested for accuracy using a reference instrument calibrated to National Institute of Standards and Technology requirements
  • Enhanced Tracking Service provides an electronic record of temperature history throughout transit, available as a PDF for easy recordkeeping
  • Advanced telematics immediately alert staff of any routing exceptions and temperature deviations to facilitate immediate action

Looking for peace of mind when shipping your temperature-sensitive, security-conscious, hazardous or high value materials?

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