Dedicated / Private Fleet

Life Sciences

Get out of the trucking business and leverage our award-winning operation.

Dedicated Fleet Service is a hybrid business model designed for people who want to feel in complete control of the movement of their goods and materials, but equally want to mitigate the costs and headaches of managing their own fleet, professional driving staff and logistics.

Boyle Transportation is highly equipped and deeply experienced in the fundamentals of high-value and time-sensitive logistics, so our Dedicated Fleet Service puts you in control of one of the best fleets in the business, powered by the most highly trained transportation professionals, world-class equipment and technology and a quality system that aligns with any company in life sciences or defense.

Convert Your Fleet

If you currently run a private fleet, you can rid yourself of the challenges and costs of vehicle purchase, equipment maintenance, driver recruiting, ongoing training and compliance with the DOT and other regulatory agencies. Boyle has all of that covered to the highest industry standards, allowing you to stay in control of your transportation, focus on your core competencies and simplify management of costs, while we improve your supply chain performance, reliability and shipment visibility.

Everything You Need

We offer the full spectrum of dedicated fleet services, from semi-transactional to private fleet conversion.

Our services allow us to take the headaches away from you, while enabling you to:

  • Apply commercial best practices
  • Control / ensure delivery consistency
  • Decrease capital expenditure
  • Improve customer relations through fleet control

We handle all the paperwork and certifications, so you can keep your customers happy effortlessly. Leave the operational details to us while you focus on your business’ core competencies. Dedicated Fleet Service gives you all the benefits you are used to without any of the downsides.

Looking for peace of mind when shipping your temperature-sensitive, security-conscious, hazardous or high value materials?

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