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At Boyle Transportation, we know safety and security are your biggest priorities for your shipments. When you exclusively serve industries like life sciences and defense, as we do, it is the only way. It has been part of our DNA for decades, and we consequently operate to the most stringent industry guidelines, making us the most trustworthy carrier in the transportation logistics business.

There are many layers that make up an optimal approach to security. Our protocols include:

  • Comprehensive background checks on all employees (transportation professionals and staff)
  • Operation of a company-owned vehicle fleet with uniformed, qualified and trained employees (not subcontractors), ensuring greater control and execution
  • Compliance with National Industry Security Program for classified material
  • C-TPAT certification and compliance with the TSA’s recommended Security Action Items
  • State-of-the-art safety and communications equipment / technology, promoting redundancy
  • Comprehensive ongoing safety and security training for all employees
  • TSA-Certified Cargo Screening Program (Indirect Air Cargo Handler)

TSA Certified Cargo Screening Program

Under the Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP), TSA certifies cargo screening facilities located throughout the United States to screen cargo prior to providing it to airlines for shipment on passenger flights. Boyle Transportation is certified as an Indirect Air Cargo Handler. Our security program meets all TSA guidelines. All transportation professionals complete TSA CCSP training annually, and our training records are maintained in the Veroot.com TSA Compliance database.

Please contact our Operations team for access to our records.

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