Classified Shipments &
Protective Services

Government & Defense

Secure handling of sensitive or classified materials

Classified shipments require strict compliance measures and constant surveillance by vetted and highly trained staff. Boyle’s extensive track record of transporting classified materials for the government and defense sector makes us exceptionally well equipped to securely handle your highly sensitive shipments.

Our specific capabilities include:

  • Defense Transportation Tracking System (DTTS)
  • Secure handling of sensitive or classified materials to National Industrial Security Program standards
  • Constant Surveillance Service (CIS)
  • Dual Driver Protective Service (DDP)
  • Protective Security Service (PSS)
  • Satellite Motor Surveillance Service (SNS)
  • DTTS Trailer Tracking Service (DCS)
  • Security Escort Vehicle (SEV)

Looking for peace of mind when shipping your temperature-sensitive, security-conscious, hazardous or high value materials?

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