Validated Temperature Control

Life Sciences

Controlled Room Temperature (20°C – 25°C)
Refrigerated (2°C - 8°C)
Frozen (-20°C and below)

U.S. Pharmacopeia / WHO Cold Chain Reference

Transporting temperature-sensitive therapies is a complex and high-stakes business. Even the slightest temperature deviation can invalidate a biologic or vaccine batch – the cost and safety consequences of which are profound. Consequently, manufacturers of these vital therapies must be able to rely on their logistics partners to protect the integrity and efficacy of their products through the entire chain of custody, supporting this with real-time visibility of temperature and stability data from point to point.

We are experts in secure cold chain and validated temperature control. Our transportation professionals are highly trained in the protocols for cold chain shipments, including biologic and vaccine batches, within the strict temperature parameters of various classes of drug.

Temperature Compliance
(within 5°F of target)

Trailer Validation

We have rigorous standards for temperature-controlled trailer validation. All trailers undergo calibration and thermal mapping prior to deployment and at regular intervals. Temperature probe and sensor accuracy is tested with a reference instrument calibrated to NIST standards.

We partner with supply chain solutions provider Sensitech to thermally map our trailers. Unlike most carriers, who conduct calibration and thermal mapping on only a representative sample of vehicles, we do it on 100% of our fleet. These reports and protocols are available upon request.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring

We apply redundancy measures to ensure your temperature-sensitive shipment remains in range of the designated temperature requirement throughout the whole journey. Temperature is monitored not only by our transportation professionals, but also by our 24/7 Operations Center. Using advanced telematics, any exceptions of routing, temperature deviation or ETA are immediately called out as alerts to our staff, who can take necessary action at once.

Our Enhanced Tracking Service also provides customers with an electronic record of temperature history for your shipment throughout transit. The report can be converted to a PDF for easy recordkeeping, offering peace of mind to QA staff.

Biologic Shipment Service

Cold chain logistics is a fast-growing segment of the biopharmaceutical market, as a growing number of temperature-sensitive biologics and biosimilars are developed to treat a range of chronic and life-threatening conditions. The cost and complexity of bringing a biologic drug to market makes transportation logistics providers a critical partner in the biopharmaceutical supply chain.

Projected 2020 U.S.
Biologics Market Size

Boyle Transportation has the specialized expertise, temperature-control technology and rigorous quality control protocols to maintain the integrity of biologic drugs through transport, with end-to-end visibility into the temperature of your product in transit. We have an extensive track record of successfully transporting controlled substances and hazardous materials, which we draw on to ensure the safe and compliant delivery of your highly temperature-sensitive products.

Vaccine Shipment Service

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vaccines remain the best defense against many serious infectious diseases and pandemic threats. Never has this been more highlighted than by the global coronavirus pandemic, where there is an intense focus on developing a vaccine, which, subsequently, will need to be distributed to enable widespread inoculation of large populations. The flu vaccine – approximately 170 million doses of which were distributed during the 2019/2020 flu season, based on CDC estimates – prevents millions of cases of influenza and thousands of resulting deaths each year.

Seasonal Influenza Doses Distributed in the U.S.

A robust cold chain is the key to ensuring the safe transport of vaccines to healthcare providers and pharmacies serving patients in need. Our state-of-the-art cold chain solutions, including NIST-tested temperature sensors and probes, provide you with full assurance that your vaccine shipments will remain stable from manufacturer to patient, while meeting all necessary regulatory standards throughout their time in transit.

Looking for peace of mind when shipping your temperature-sensitive, security-conscious, hazardous or high value materials?

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