Contactless delivery and force majeure notice

April 3, 2020

To Our Valued Customers:

To help promote the health and safety of our employees and customers, we are implementing, effective immediately, a contactless delivery. Our personnel will not seek a signature for delivery receipt. When possible, our professional driver will ask – from a distance of 10’ or greater – for the first initial and last name of the recipient, and record that name into the electronic proof of delivery you receive via email or through our customer web site:

If the recipient requests the shipping documents, our professional driver can leave the papers on a properly distanced (10’) surface, but will not take the papers back.

We are working toward contactless pickup as well and will inform you of those protocols soon. In the interim, we require that shipper personnel not come within 10’ of our employees at any time. If an exchange of materials must take place at origin, they must be done on a properly distanced surface.

We ask that you relay this information to all of your shipping & receiving personnel as soon as possible.

Please be advised that, due to the extraordinary Coronavirus health emergency, the Force Majeure clause common to all freight transportation transactions and contracts is hereby invoked for all Boyle Transportation shipments until further notice. We will endeavor to maintain the outstanding service you are used to, but some protocols will need to be altered in order to mitigate risk for you and for our employees.

Thank you as always for the great trust you place in our dedicated professionals, to whom we communicated in this recent video.


Boyle Transportation