Boyle Transportation’s Lasko Named HDT's Safety and Compliance Award Winner

October 31, 2018

Michael Lasko, Manager of safety and quality for Boyle Transportation, has been named the winner of Heavy Duty Trucking's 2018 Safety and Compliance award.

From Heavy Duty Trucking:

Lasko has been fundamental in helping the Billerica, MA, fleet achieve an enviable safety record, logging a 100% accident-free rate in 2017. In 2016, the company had a miniscule 0.691 accident rate. Boyle uses a multitude of cutting-edge safety systems, combined with good, old fashioned proactive management to achieve these results, including an aggressive drug and alcohol testing program, mandatory new hire training for any format, online safety training sessions, coached driver training sessions behind the wheel, ongoing classroom training, risk scoring, a safe driver rewards program and a zero tolerance policy for cell phone use while driving.

To further enhance fleet safety, all new Boyle tractors are equipped with front crash avoidance systems, lane departure warning, stability control and rollover prevention systems as well as in-cab cameras. The fleet also specs automated transmissions to help keep drivers focused on dynamic driving environments.