Boyle Transportation uses Fleetio fleet maintenance software

July 16, 2018

Boyle Transportation has been a long time leader in the application of technology to freight transportation. Among the first fleets to deploy satellite-based mobile data communications in the mid-1980s and to test and implement automated manual transmissions and advanced driver assistance systems in early 2000s, we have a keen eye for integrating technologies that deliver results for customers, employees and the company. Wherever possible, we take a best of breed approach with technology and we focus on creating value by leveraging open interfaces and combining these technologies in innovative ways.


While many interesting technology startups are addressing the trucking market, there remains a dearth of modern web-based software that addresses the business aspects of trucking and particularly fleet maintenance. Fleetio is a rare exception with its easy to use interface for tracking and scheduling equipment maintenance and critically provides an Application Programming Interface that we can use to integrate into our own web applications for our trucking operations. Fleetio provided a case study that features Boyle Transportation.