In-transit Visibility
Boyle Transportation has been a pioneer in the application of satellite-based mobile data communications to transportation operations beginning in 1985. We understand the limitations of current communications and tracking systems and we continue to augment our systems to provide real security enhancements in order to better protect our professional drivers and customer shipments.


Commercially available communications and GPS tracking systems do not provide adequate security by themselves. These systems are designed simply to provide text messaging and position reporting; they have many security weaknesses and are easily and quickly defeated.


We take the best of these systems and add the following:

  • A means for emergency notification inside and outside of the vehicle.
  • Proprietary security enhancements.
  • A system to check scheduling context in precise detail and monitor for out-of-route conditions.
  • Vetted personnel to operate the vehicle and provide continuous surveillance of all hazardous materials shipments.

Without these enhancements and a comprehensive approach to providing a secure atmosphere, communications and tracking systems provide nothing but a false sense of security.


TEAM Management

We utilize an integrated web-based information system called Transportation Execution and Advanced Management (TEAM). TEAM was developed internally using proprietary algorithms and multiple third-party components for:

  • Shipment order-entry
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatching
  • Monitoring
  • Radioactive and hazardous materials routing
  • Geofencing
  • Billing


All Boyle Transportation vehicles (tractors and trailers) are equipped with mobile satellite-based tracking and communication systems. Our vehicle positions are updated in 2-15 minute intervals; most carriers merely subscribe to hourly reporting. Our Operations Center monitors the location and communication with vehicles at all times.


We provide unmatched visibility for your shipments. For shipments that require expedited, point-to-point transport, you will receive our proprietary Enhanced Tracking service (please see Enhanced Tracking description below). Boyle Enhanced Tracking gives you and your staff access to a truck’s current position on a Google Map.


All trucks are outfitted with an emergency button on the dashboard, along with wireless emergency buttons on the professional drivers’ key chains. If pressed, an emergency message is relayed to our Operations Center, and knowledgeable staff implements our emergency response procedures. Every professional driver also carries a company-paid mobile phone.


We provide EDI and XML messaging for our customers for shipment status reporting and invoicing (e.g., USBank PowerTrack™). We also provide custom integration and secure access to our web-based applications. When you ship sensitive cargo, you simply can’t assume that it gets to destination. You need to be kept informed of a shipment’s status throughout transit. With our advanced information systems, we provide you:

  • Order confirmation via email
  • Advance notification of truck and professional driver information and photos
  • Enhanced tracking enabling you to view the truck in transit
  • Proof of delivery via email