Professional Drivers


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Boyle Transportation’s professional drivers are among the most qualified in the entire trucking industry. Our stringent hiring policies and performance-based incentives attract and retain the most qualified professional drivers available. All of our drivers have been highly trained in hazardous materials transport, and all of our drivers go through continuous training.



Elite Professional Driver Teams
Our professional drivers are employees -- not independent contractors or third parties. This translates into company trained, highly dedicated drivers. Our superior compensation, benefits, equipment and work environment create an opportunity for qualified individuals to succeed.


Our professional drivers average seven years of tenure with the company, and our annual turnover rate is approximately 10% (well below the industry average of 100%+). The majority of our professional drivers are military veterans. All employees are screened by an officer of the company and must qualify for a government clearance.


Our Drivers Must Meet the Following Qualifications:


Screening Criteria:

  • Experience: at least two years of verified over-the-road tractor-trailer driving experience.
  • Clearance: all drivers must qualify for US government clearance. This also includes a clean motor vehicle record.
  • Final Interview: all of our drivers must pass a final interview conducted by one of our highly-trained officers.


We combine classroom instruction, the latest in computer-based training and continuous coaching to ensure that all professional drivers receive up to date hazardous materials training. Extensive and on-going hazardous material transport training is provided to all professional drivers, including specific attention in the following areas: hazardous materials, company and customer-specific security protocols, operation of customized trailers, defensive driving skills, and emergency response procedures.


Performance-based Incentives:
A significant part of our professional driver’s compensation is tied to meeting safety and security compliance goals. This performance-based compensation provides incentives to our employees that are directly aligned with our customer’s requirements.