Safety Technology

Shipping hazardous materials starts with the right people, proper procedures and the right training. From there, we believe in giving our people the best tools to do their job. One of the reasons for our unparalleled safety record is our leadership in hazardous materials safety technology. We have always felt compelled to create a safe and secure environment for our professional drivers, their families, our customers and the general public.


To mitigate the risk of both preventable and non-preventable accidents, we have incorporated various scenarios and emergency response procedures into our training. We have also implemented safety technologies designed to address root causes of accidents such as fatigue, following too closely, excessive speed and poor blind side visibility.

No technology is a substitute for an alert, experienced and well-trained professional driver practicing proper defensive driving techniques — this is our primary focus.


Tractor fleet















Our uniform, late model tractor fleet is equipped with industry leading safety, communications and information technology. In fact, we invest more than $15,000 of additional safety technology in each truck. These technologies include:


Automated Transmissions

All of our over-the-road tractors are equipped with two-pedal automated transmissions (without a clutch or stick shift). This enables a professional driver to keep two hands on the wheel, which we consider a safety advantage. This also allows our call center to monitor truck speed, which is governed at a maximum of 65mph.


Collision Avoidance Systems

Our trucks are equipped with collision avoidance radar systems with adaptive cruise control. The systems use forward-looking radar to alert the driver when there is inadequate stopping distance between the truck and objects in its path. A side sensor alerts the driver when a vehicle is in its right hand blind spot. When the truck is in cruise control, adaptive cruise uses the engine brake and automated transmission to automatically gear down the truck if it approaches an object too rapidly.












Roll Stability Control

Integrated with the truck’s anti-lock braking system, roll stability control first alerts the driver to a potential rollover. If the driver does not take action, the system slows the truck to reduce the risk of an accident. When sensor data indicate that a rollover is imminent, roll stability control sends a signal to reduce engine power, apply the engine brake and/or apply the tractor rear service brake. This slows the truck and reduces the forces pushing the vehicle toward rollover.












Blind-Side Camera Systems

Our trucks are also equipped with a fender-mounted video camera to eliminate the “blind spot” in a tractor trailer. A monitor is mounted on the dash, providing right side visibility equal to four lanes of width for the entire length of the tractor trailer It is designed to take the guesswork out of lane changes and blind side backing.




Lane Departure Warning

The lane departure warning system serves as a “virtual rumble strip” that warns drivers if they are drifting out of their lanes without using a turn signal. Using image recognition software and algorithms, the computer can predict when a vehicle begins to drift towards an unintended lane change. When this occurs, the unit automatically emits a rumble strip sound via speakers, alerting the driver to make a correction.



We maintain a varied fleet of trailers to meet your needs. Boyle Transportation provides a wide variety of trailers including van trailers, temperature-controlled trucks and flatbeds to removable goosenecks. We aim to accommodate the hazardous materials shipping requirements of customers.


Whether it’s the shipment of small packages of sensitive materials, crane-loaded electronics, containers, vehicles or the cold-chain requirements of pharmaceuticals and life sciences companies, we aim to fulfill all of your hazardous transportation needs.


We look for joint cost reduction opportunities through custom trailer design and configuration trailer pools and on-site operations.


Dromedary Boxes


Our small shipment service for hazardous materials transport or sensitive items features van trailers or our specially designed dromedary boxes (pictured). This service delivers value by providing an economical alternative to full truckload service at slightly longer delivery times.