You require consistent service, but you don’t want to be in the trucking business. Dedicated Contract Carriage puts you in complete control. You dictate the business objectives, and we make your operation run smoothly by providing dedicated vehicles and professional drivers. We’ll even provide a web portal [link to in transit visibility] that provides you visibility throughout your supply chain.


Do you currently run a private fleet? Leverage our capabilities and rid yourself of non-core responsibilities like equipment purchasing, maintenance, driver recruiting, training, and DOT compliance. You can stick to your competencies, and we can improve your supply chain performance, reliability and visibility.


We offer the full spectrum of dedicated services from semi-transactional to private fleet conversion. Our dedicated fleet services allow us to deliver unparalleled quality and service while also allowing you to:

  • Ensure delivery consistency.
  • Decrease capital expenditures.
  • Improve customer relations through fleet control.

We’ll handle all paperwork and certifications, so that you can keep your customers happy effortlessly. Leave the operational busywork to us while you focus on your business. Dedicated Contract Carriage gives you all the advantages of owning your own fleet without any of the complications.